Drug Testing Consortium Services in El Paso

Border Trucking Compliance now offers DOT consortium services in El Paso. Our service complies with all DOT regulations including the number of alcohol and drug tests required by the law. 

Random drug tests are done quarterly (four times per year). You will not need to change drug testing facilities you currently use to take advantage of our DOT consortium service.

Drug Testing Consortium Services

It goes without saying, but the issue of drug consumption and trucking has led to disastrous outcomes. As a result, drug consortiums are part of following the strict guidelines of all DOT regulations. The Transportation Department will focus heavily on this. If you fail to comply with all rules and regulations expect to pay very high fines.

Through our consortium services, we are able to manage all of your drug and alcohol testing. This includes maintaining records, keeping your company up-to-date with the knowledge of all employer responsibilities and requirements. Since these requirements can be detailed and subject to change, it is often best to outsource drug testing records to a dedicated entity. 

We offer DOT compliant random consortium programs for small employers and owner-operators. With heavy fines and even a business closure, if everything isn’t handled correctly, it’s important that you choose a team like Border Trucking Compliance to have your back. 

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Why Choose Border Trucking Compliance

At Border Trucking Compliance, we have spent well over 20 years serving trucking companies across North America. We combine knowledge and experience with a genuine focus on customer satisfaction and care. We know how a simple mistake can cause a loss of revenue and flow, so we make reliability a priority. 

We focus on crafting long relationships with our trucking company clientele so we can better understand and serve their business. We strive to be a one-stop shop for our clients, so they can focus on what most matters to them.

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When it comes to DOT consortium services, it’s vital that you hire someone that you can trust. Border Trucking Compliance would love to work with you, with over 20 years of experience in our toolkit. 

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