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As complex as the trucking business can be when it comes to rules and regulations, titling represents one of the most basic aspects. Registering for base plates and acquiring new titles can often be a tedious process, but Border Trucking Compliance can help. We offer registration and title services for several states across the U.S. and Mexico.

Titling and Registration for Your Entire Fleet

Border Trucking Compliance is well-versed in all aspects of license registration and other types of registration which can help your fleet receive the appropriate titles. We provide titling services for multiple states, so our team can likely help you get the titles you need.

Better Than Hiring a Lawyer

trucking title services border trucking compliance

Often, trucking companies commission the use of lawyers and firms to handle their licensing registration. Lawyers, however, can be incredibly expensive and often are less efficient due to a lack of knowledge. Border Trucking Compliance specializes in titling and other trucking-related services, making use a better value and better service than lawyers.

Border Trucking Compliance has spent well over two decades providing title, permit, and compliance services for trucking companies across the United States and Mexico. Our specialized knowledge and great value make us the best compliance company in the Southwest.

How Our Title Services can Help Expand Your Business

Without proper title acquisition and registration, your fleet simply won’t be able to operate without the risk of fines. With efficient title services, you can spend less time fling paperwork and more time focusing on your business priorities.

BTC also helps you maintain a focus on your business after you receive your title. Our team can ensure you remain current on your title, as well as other permits and regulations that your company may be subject to.

Apportioned Plate Services in the Border Region

If your trucking fleet plans on operating in two or more jurisdictions, you will need apportioned plates for your vehicles to use. Apportioned plates allow states to “share” registration fees based on mileage in those states. Border Trucking Compliance is well-versed in apportioned plates and the International Registration Plan.

If your fleet is in need of apportioned plates, Border Trucking Compliance is ready to help.

How Our Consultation Services Can Help Your Fleet Thrive

Apportioned Plates Border Trucking Compliance

Apportioned plates are a near necessity for today’s modern trucking fleets. With cargo needing to be hauled hundreds and thousands of miles, your fleet will likely be doing business across states and perhaps even out of the country. If you plan on conducting business across the country, apportioned plates are a necessity.

IRP Explained: Grow Your Business With an International Registration Plan

The International Registration Plan (IRP) is a registration agreement between U.S. states and Canadian provinces that allows for payment of license fees across jurisdictions. 

The intent of this agreement is to allow apportioned vehicles to operate intrajurisdictionally and interjurisdictionally. This plan also benefits states and provinces by providing a simple system for registration and licensing.

Standard Registration Cost for Apportioned Plates​

Registration for the International Registration Plan is dependent on where apportionment is desired, jurisdictional percentages/fees, and the number of vehicles that need to be registered. For a direct quote, contact Border Trucking Compliance to speak with an expert.

We'll Help Your Crew Stay Up-To-Date​

Apportioned plates are not a one-time registration. The plates, fees, and registration must be properly maintained to continue conducting business across jurisdictions. Border Trucking Compliance has decades of experience dealing with apportioned plates and the IRP. With our team’s help, you can stay up-to-date on licensing and simply focus on your business.

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From title services to apportioned plates, BTC is ready and committed to ensuring your business and employees are compliant with regulations. Contact our El Paso, TX or Juarez, Mexico offices to learn more about our apportioned plate services!

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