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In commercial trucking, there are many moving parts and variables that can be affected when an accident occurs. As a result, it can’t be overstated how important the right coverage can be for your business. Since we specialize in the finer details of the trucking industry, we are well equipped to provide consultations for companies looking to acquire or change their insurance policies.

Whether you are driving a small car or a massive 18-wheeler, insurance is a must to drive on the road. Insurance in the trucking business is slightly more complex than insurance for non-commercial vehicles, but BTC is more than happy to help. We have worked with dozens of companies to acquire the unique insurance packages they needed, and we’re ready to help you too.

If you need insurance for a new or existing trucking company, Border Trucking Compliance is happy to work with you.

Our Trucking Insurance Services

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While Border Trucking Compliance does not carry any insurance policies as a company, we do provide consultation and assistance for companies choosing their insurance. Since trucking insurance is more complex than regular insurance, it helps to have an experienced team to help navigate. We work with all types of trucking fleets and are familiar with all trucking-related insurance types.

Insurance Coverages We Work With

Truck Liability Insurance

Truck liability insurance is usually the most basic and costly aspect of trucking insurance. Truck liability insurance does not cover damages to your vehicle; instead, it pays for damages and medical bills for damaged property and other drivers. Truck liability insurance normally is expected to cover a minimum of $750,000 in coverage, though many companies recommend a minimum of $1,000,000.

Border Trucking Compliance can help your company by finding an insurance plan that provides an optimal balance of coverage and value relative to your cargo.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a very broad, generalized form of insurance that covers a wide-range of risk types. Some of the risk types that general liability will cover includes:

  • Medical payments 
  • Premises damage 
  • Bodily injury/Damage to property
  • Products 
  • Lawsuits 

Every general liability insurance type is different, each having specific limits and exclusions. BTC can help you choose the perfect general liability insurance for your operations.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Motor truck cargo insurance, as the name suggests, is insurance that is specifically aimed at providing coverage for the cargo your trucks carry. Like truck liability insurance, motor truck cargo insurance is very specific but is a must-have for any trucking company.

The type of motor truck cargo insurance your company will need depends on the type of cargo you haul. Non-perishables may need different coverage from perishable items, for instance. Hauling chemicals or other high-cost items may require greater coverage as well. Border Trucking Compliance can help you decide which coverage fits your company the best.

Other Insurance Types/Risks

Since there are myriad risks associated with owning a trucking business, we also work with insurance coverage for other aspects of the business. These risk factors include:

  • Crime
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Employee Benefits Coverage 

If you need coverage in these areas or others, feel free to contact our team to learn more about specific insurance coverages.

Why Choose Us For Your Trucking Insurance Needs

Border Trucking Compliance is the perfect place to find the expert consultation for your insurance needs. We’ve helped countless trucking companies find the insurance plans that fit their budgets and needs. Our team focuses on cultivating long-term relationships with clients to provide consultation as circumstances and the economy change.

Trucking Insurance Renewal Timeline: We'll Take Care of It All

Not only do we help acquire the right insurance, but can help you maintain and change your insurance plans as needed. We keep track of your insurance plan and can recommend changes to your insurance plan as your business grows and expands.

Get The Insurance Your Fleet Needs With BTC!

No business wants accidents or mishaps to happen, but it helps to know that you have the appropriate coverage should anything happen. Contact the Border Trucking Compliance team to get the trucking insurance you need today!

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