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Life Hacks for Truckers: 10 Hacks to Try Today!

For people outside of the trucking industry, being a truck driver may seem like an easy job. After all, all you have to do is drive from point A to point B in an air-conditioned truck. However, those in the industry understand how grueling and stressful the trucking life truly can be. 

In our January blog, we take a look at life hacks to make life on the road easier and more productive! 

Emergency Snacks 

Our first life hack relates to food and drinks on the road. Usually, we have a good bead on how our bodies feel and operate. However, there does come a time when a surprise bout of hunger of thirst hits. Since you won’t always be able to pull over, it’s smart to have a stock of snacks on hand. 

Shoot for 55 MPH

In terms of finding a sweet spot between speed and fuel efficiency, it’s generally accepted that 55 mph is the optimal speed for both. Many truckers don’t adhere to this speed, but it is scientifically verified to maximize speed and efficiency. 

Keep An Eye On Your Posture

Sitting for long periods of time is verifiably bad for our health, and trucking is certainly no exception. Sitting can cause muscular imbalances, reduce blood circulation, and more. In addition, it’s easy for posture to slack, leading to back problems down the line. Every now and again, ensure that you are sitting up straight as you drive. 

Use Toothpaste For Your Headlights 

Toothpaste isn’t exactly a life hack in itself, but it can be used for more than cleaning your pearly whites. Toothpaste is actually great for cleaning your headlights in a pinch or even cleaning parts of the interior of your truck. 

Master Exercise In Tight Places 

Because of the nature of trucking, it’s well known that the opportunity to workout is scarce. As a result, you will need to master the art of exercise in tight places. Luckily, because of the pandemic, there are plenty of small area-optimized exercise routines on the Internet. 

Lighten Up Your Interior

Black interiors may look fantastic when you first buy your truck, but chances are that you’ll end up regretting it when that southern heat pours into your cab and soaks into the upholstery. 

Especially for truckers down south, it’s best to have a lighter interior so you can stay cool and comfortable as you traverse thousands of miles. 

Stay Hydrated

After long hours on the road, it can be easy to let hydration skip your mind. However, being dehydrated can be dangerous both for yourself and for others on the road. In one study, dehydration was found to be nearly as dangerous as drunk driving. 

Often, truckers will try not to drink too much water in fear of having to frequently use the restroom, which can add time to the length of a trip. 

Use Sunscreen

Being inside of a truck, it can feel as though sunscreen is overkill. After all, you’re inside a vehicle that probably has some sort of tint. But don’t be fooled, a life on the road can still lead to skin damage and even skin cancer as the worst-case scenario. 

Before you get ready for a long journey, be sure to put on sunscreen rated SPF 30 and above. It may feel like an annoying step in the moment, but your skin will thank you later! 

Try Adhesive Hooks For Organization 

When you spend weeks or even months on end in a truck, it may be hard to find space for all of your things. As a result, many of our trucks may look as if a tornado formed inside of them. To combat this, try investing in adhesive hooks to place inside your truck. 

These adhesive hooks are strong enough to hold heavy items and withstand the bumps of road life. Investing a few bucks in adhesive hooks could keep your truck from being cluttered. 

Invest In A Handheld Vacuum 

If you’re like most truckers, then you at least snack in the truck. Chances are that you’ve eaten quite a few full meals in there as well. Coupled with dirt and debris from coming our shoes, and the trucks can get rather dirty rather fast. 

To avoid a completely dirty truck that needs a full detail, invest in a $20 to $30 handheld vacuum. With this, you could simply hit problem areas in your truck before they get very dirty. 

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