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What Does a DOT Audit Consist of?

Receiving word that your El Paso trucking company will get audited by the DOT can be frightening and inconvenient. However, you can do nothing to get out of an audit or review, so the best you can do is prepare. 

If you’re unprepared for the audit or don’t have your ducks in a row, you and your company could face the consequences. Therefore, the best way to prepare for a DOT audit is with DOT audit consulting from the pros at Border Trucking Compliance. Contact us online or call (915) 838-1080 today!

What is a DOT Audit, and What is Their Purpose? 

A DOT audit reviews your company’s safety standards and records. The Department of Transportation performs its audit to ensure that you’re complying with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. The audit’s goal is to ensure the safety of your truckers and the passengers with whom they share the roads. 

While you have a higher risk of getting audited if you violate the DOT’s Safety Management System, everyone gets audited at some point. Most DOT audits are generally done in person, but they can also be performed over the phone, the internet, or via fax. 

What to Expect During a DOT Audit 

Regardless of how or when your DOT audit takes place, preparing with DOT audit consulting is essential. In most cases, you’ll have between 45 and 60 days to submit your plan and records for the audit, which means that time is of the essence. 

Most DOT audits consist of six categories, each of which you’ll have to prepare for. 

Category 1: General 

The General portion of the audit consists of proving that you have all the documentation necessary to be a trucking company. This includes insurance, permits, licensing, accident reports, and more. Contact us for DOT audit consulting for a complete list of documents you should have prepared. 

Category 2: Driver 

As the name of this section implies, it will focus squarely on the El Paso drivers in your employ. It will look at their driving records, licenses, and drug tests showing that they aren’t abusing drugs or alcohol. 

Category 3: Operational 

The operational section is fairly broad and can cover many things. In general, however, a significant area of focus is the number of hours your truckers are working. It will also look for violations in the Forms of Manner, Hours of Service, and False Information. 

Category 4: Vehicle 

This section of the audit will check in on how well-maintained and safe your vehicles are. You are required to submit service and repair records as well as records of maintenance and additional information. Contact us for a complete list and additional DOT audit consulting. 

Category 5: Hazardous Materials 

If you can’t provide proof that you and your drivers have completed a hazardous materials transportation course, you will violate this section. 

Category 6: Accidents

It’s vital that you keep a complete list of accidents and driving violations for each of your drivers. You must also provide clear, accurate documentation proving that your drivers aren’t violating their hourly limits. This section also includes documentation regarding any injuries your drivers have sustained in the course of their work. 

While these six categories form the basis of DOT audits, much more goes into them. It’s important to have a complete list of documents and records prepared. 

Who to Contact in El Paso for Premium DOT Audit Consulting? 

While you can prevent frequent audits, the DOT will come for everyone at one point or another. Therefore, your best course of action is to be prepared and seek DOT audit consulting from Border Trucking Compliance. We’re always on your side and will ensure you have everything you need to pass your audit with flying colors. Contact us online or call (915) 838-1080 today!

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